Advent Thoughts


chapel_genaBodies in coffins all wrapped up in white
lips sealed up forever, arms strapped real tight.
The floor of the chapel is now their new bed,
they are silently sleeping the sleep of the dead.
Father talks about Advent and all that it means,
my mind is distracted, by the loss of dreams.
For each tiny body there is a mother in pain,
for each adult corpse there is a struggle in vain.
I try to imagine how each one did die,
it’s not so hard really- I know the reasons why.
I think of the dreams that come with each life,
now painfully butchered by Poverty’s Knife.
Poverty and Death – a coalition to fear,
they rule with dominion – no escape from them here.
The young and the old – all fall when they strike

on the floor of our chapel -strangers become alike.

And what of this Advent and the special infant child?
Do we dare believe this story, do we dare become beguiled?
Do we dare to imagine, a life filled with love?
a time with no bodies on the floor, a world filled with peace from above?
Do we dare to imagine a world without war and tears?
where we care for each other, where love conquers fears?
And wasn’t the infant Jesus himself born into strife?
didn’t he come to be among us to show another way of life.
Wasn’t his message very simple and very very clear,

We have to love one another – everyone from far and near.

Now back to these numerous bodies, lying on the floor
how can we accept this reality? Surely we must do more?
Surely there must be a way, to find more people that care
find more people to help us, somehow, somewhere.
I hear the Advent message – let the peace begin in me
I cling to this dream of peace – for a future I might not live to see.
For life without hope is pointless, on the darkness we must shine a light
we must trust in the God of Goodness, the God of day and night
we must believe we can make a difference, our light can lighten the load
we must realise we are all one family, all pilgrims on the road,
all brothers and sisters together, no matter our color or creed

we must fight the forces of evil that come disguised in greed.

Bodies in coffins all wrapped up in white
their days on this earth are ended, forever gone from our sight.
Loving arms that held them, will hold them now no more
Too many silent bodies lying daily on the floor.
Gena Heraty
Special Needs Director

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