Our Beloved Olsen


With a sad and heavy heart we watched our beloved Olsen Signifils leave us yesterday at St. Damien Hospital. We had been there for 2.5 weeks and despite the best efforts of everyone, we could not keep him with us this time. So many times in the past, Olsen had cheated death, but this time God called him home. His mission was complete.

Olsen was abandoned in 2001 at St. Damien as a baby and shortly afterwards we welcomed him to Kay Christine, our home at St. Helene. As a result of meningitis, he had developed severe brain damage and hydrocephalus. I will never forget seeing him for the first time in the hospital ward – a skinny, crying, blind child with a huge head!

From the first evening in Kay Christine, it was clear to me that this boy was going to thrive with us. During the night prayer I noticed how he was listening intently, especially during the singing. And thrive he did. In September 2001, we brought him to Amarillo, Texas, where he had a shunt put in and after that Olsen enjoyed several years of good health.

Olsen was a huge presence in Kay Christine. For the last 14 months he had been amazingly well. First thing in the morning we would wake up to the sound of Olsen singing and making his happy noises. Frequently he was the last to go to sleep and he was busy laughing and singing in his bed.

He loved to be kissed and he learned to give kisses to everyone. You just had to say, “Olsen give me a kiss,” and you got it. I would write forever about this beautiful young man that enriched our lives.

We all have a time to leave this life and yesterday was to be his time. He had a bad infection in his brain and there was nothing we could do this time. He bore his suffering very bravely and it was very hard to see him suffer. In the end, God sent his angels to bring him home.

We thank God for his life and for his presence in our family. When he was a baby the doctors thought he would not live long. When he became very ill a few years ago, the doctors said there was no hope for him.

In April we celebrated his 15th birthday. He was a child of God and we know that somehwhere in the next life he is singing “e i  e i o”. Every day here he used to sing Jwayez anivese  – Happy Birthday, so I can only imagine how happy he will be singing this in heaven to all the hosts of angels – many of them our own Kay Christine kids.

Please include the eternal rest of Olsen and our NPH Haiti family in your prayers.

Gena Heraty
Special Needs Director

One thought on “Our Beloved Olsen

  1. Gena,

    So sorry to hear of Olsen’s passing .

    He’s with the angels without any doubt.

    Glad to have met him at Easter albeit very briefly .

    We will keep him in our prayers .

    Kieran xx

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