Now I Can Walk!

My name is Ryme. It’s almost two years since I came to Kay Christine. Back then I could not even take weight on my feet and I hated to do physical therapy. I was a bit nervous of my new surroundings – I had spent the previous four months in the hospital after my mom never came back for me. Now I am doing very well. I am very sociable, and I love to play with the other children in Kay Christine. It’s nice being able to walk – I am still a bit wobbly but each day I get stronger. In school I have lots of friends and the teachers love me to bits – probably because I am so cute and affectionate. Big people like to be cuddled and they love when I smile at them and I sure do that a lot! And I have a great sense of humour! I really feel loved in my new home and because of this it’s really easy for me to give love to everyone there. In the mornings I make sure to give all the staff a kiss when they come in to get us up from bed. I call out to them one by one and they always smile and laugh when I kiss them. I am not really great at kissing – I haven’t quite figured out how to do it, but I’m getting there. I say hello to all the other kids too, going from bed to bed. I love doing this at night time. In the beginning, Gena used to carry me from bed to bed but now I can actually do it by myself. I hold onto the beds and I walk from one bed to another. It’s so nice and what’s even better is that the other kids are so happy to see me do this. Cleevens always says, “bravo Ryme”. He is a real older brother to me. It doesn’t matter that he is in a wheelchair – he is really cool and he loves to come right up to me and put his head next to me. He really loves me – they all do!

I like to help the ladies when they are folding the clothes. Of course I am too small to fold them, but I do try. What I can do is hand the clothes to them and this is a help. Well I suppose I should let you go now. Keep me in your prayers and pray for all my family here in Kay Christine. Pray for my Mom and Dad too – for sure they left me in the hospital because they could not take care of me. Haiti is not easy for moms with kids like me. Bye.

P.S. When I have learned to blow kisses next time I will show you!

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