Saying Goodbye to Beautiful Ednude


With great sadness we learned today that beautiful Ednude Virgile died yesterday after nine days in hospital. On March 14th she started having very bad seizures (sadly the mother had ran out of medicine and not had a chance to buy them). As it was night time, she could not go to the hospital with Ednude and so she continued to have bad seizures throughout the night. The next morning her mother took her to the hospital where she stayed until she died yesterday afternoon

Ednude was born on April 20, 2006. She was the only child of her loving mother and we first met them in February of 2009. Ednude”s mom adored her and took such good care of her. Ednude was her pride and joy and she rarely missed a day in school. Due to her severe condition, it as very difficult for her other to carry her and to bring her to our centre/school, but she made the supreme effort and Ednude loved school. She was very intelligent and loved to learn. Her beautiful smile and bright eyes communicated very clearly how she felt and she was always quick to respond.

Her mother is devastated–the father was no longer with them.You know death is very much a part of our lives here BUT so many times we feel so so frustrated because so many of these children in our program do not receive medicine as they should. Not because the parents don’t know how, but because they can’t afford them. It costs about 14 Euro for 30 tablets of Rivotril and about 22 Euro for a bottle of Depakene. If you are lucky enough to be working in Haiti, you will be lucky to be earning 5 Euros a day. Ednude’s mom is not one of the lucky ones! Can you see why buying medicines is so difficult?
So time and time again we say goodbye to beautiful children and time and time again we struggle to accept this reality.

We take comfort from the fact that in her short life Ednude was surrounded by people that loved her. She had a chance to come to school and share her beautiful personality with so many. We take comfort from the fact that (unlike so many others), she knew she was important to so many. She knew her Mom adored her. She knew we all loved her. It’s not enough is it? But it’s all we have. Please pray for her Mom. She was and is, a true witness of what it means to love because we know all too well just how hard it was for her. She never got discouraged. She put her daughter first and she did all she could.

A few lines from Gibran are apt now…“your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. And though they are with you, they do not belong to you. You may house their bodies but not their souls, For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow…”

Contributed by Gena Heraty
Special Needs Director

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