As promised, a few more child updates from Kay Christine…

Ryme* has had a great year. He is now able to walk if you hold his hands and he enjoys it a lot. In the last two weeks he has been walking holding just one hand! So little by little he is improving. His language is still very slow though when he is with the other kids he makes more of an effort to say words. He is a very loving little boy and very affectionate. He loves to play and especially enjoys playing with Innocent – probably because Innocent always makes so much noise and Ryme finds this very funny. Rome enjoys school and the teachers say he is doing well. He is a fast learner and is always interested to try something new.

 Veronica* was in the abandoned room in the St. Damien Pediatric Hospital with Ryme and Binjanie. Since August she has been with us and she is settling in well. Veronica is very fond of Ryme and Binjanie and Ryme is crazy about her. He watches everything she does and imitates her all the time. When she first came Veronica did not like to talk at all though we knew she could talk perfectly well. Slowly but surely she is talking more and more. Veronica is responding to our love very much like a flower responds to the warmth of the sun on a spring day. We see her change daily as she becomes more used to our home and as she becomes more secure in the love that surrounds her. She has many issues – especially related to discipline- but little by little she is improving and learning. Veronica is another perfect example of how love heals. It is very beautiful to watch her heal and also to watch her become loving. Veronica likes to help and to do chores. She is very smart and will quickly see what you need and get it for you if possible. She enjoys the horseback riding every week (Ryme also goes!) and in general she is a very happy young girl.

Germina (Dieunie/Jennie) is doing well back at home with her mother and siblings. She goes horseback riding with us every week and so she keeps in touch with us. I hope to go visit her this week. Her mother says she is doing fine and so it seems to be a good situation for everyone.

*Names changed due to privacy purposes.

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