Finesse Fonfilus–A dedicated member of the NPH family who believes that there is hope and a chance for everyone!

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Finesse loves working with kids and especially has a passion for working with the handicapped. Since when she was just nineteen-years-old, she has been working with children who had disabilities, starting in her neighborhood. When she got a little older she found L’ARCHE, an organization dedicated to serving the disabled in the south side of Haiti. She spent four years with them, working with members of L’ARCHE with a variety of disabilities. Her main responsibility was to teach them to care for them selves by teaching them basic cleaning skills, self-care, shopping and basic trades/skills to look for a job. However, as the organization was far from her family and friends, she decided to leave the position after her four years of service. She feels very lucky though because during her time at L’ARCHE, she met a volunteer from Ireland who referred her to NPFS and the rest is history.

In 1993, she started working at Kay St. Helene in Kenscoff with Gena, the Director of the Special Needs Programs for NPH-Haiti, and Noelle, a fellow international volunteer. Finesse spent twelve years working in the special needs house, Kay Christine, first as one of the caregivers but after two years she was promoted to the Head Coordinator of the house.

In 2005, Fr. Rick Frechette saw a desperate need for a clinic in Wharf Jeremie. After the medical clinic was established by Fr. Rick and his team, he called Gena one day for a consult on a child with special needs. From there, Gena and her team decided to go weekly to treat kids with disabilities. They soon outgrew the space available and thus Fr. Rick offered for them to go to what is now Kay Au Bois in Tabbare. Then in 2008 the construction of Kay Germaine was completed and they have been there ever since.

During the development of these programs Finnesse remained to be a prevalent part of all administration teams. She would spend 12 days in Kay Christine and every two weeks go down the mountain to help with Kay Germaine and also spend time with her family. During this transition time, Gena promoted her once more to be the Director of Kay Germaine.

What Finnesse loves most about her job is the fact that she gets to work with children with disabilities and help their parents take proper care of them. She has huge dreams for the continuous development of the program but most importantly she wants to continue working with the love and gratitude she has witnessed since day one. She particularly loves seeing everyone working together as a family and she prays that this dream lasts forever.

Finesse says, “The work that is doing in Haiti, we did not have it anywhere else in the country! This organization is helping a lot of people I hope it continues to do so forever. I am just overjoyed that I can be a part of it all.”

Denso Gay and Avriel Burlot
Communication Officer and Communication Specialist

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