Christmas Highlights

Gena and kids.

Gena and kids.

Christmas is always a magical time of the year and this year in Haiti, all of our programs celebrated in their own special way.

St. Helene: Up in the mountains of Kenscoff, where Christmas time is quite cold, our children at St. Helene celebrated with music, dancing and food. The week before Christmas the festivities started with nightly prayer and reflection but also the first round of the talent show with the semi-finals on the 23rd of December. To participate, each house had to write and produce a song that summed up what Christmas meant to them. Many harmonized about the struggles of the country, but also on the importance of family during Christmas. The houses prepared for several weeks leading to the beginning of the competition.

On Christmas Eve, Father Rick Frechette came to St. Helene to celebrate Mass with the children. The children also enjoyed a special meal on this night for the holidays with chicken, salad and a very delicious rice and bean mix. On Christmas Day, Kay Christine, the special needs house, hosted their annual Christmas party where everyone had a great time! Then in the afternoon everyone in the home got together for the finals of the talent show and other musical performances. Everyone was bundled up and enjoyed the night very much. This year the oldest girls’ house, Kay Joanne, and a younger boys house, Kay Pauline, were announced the champions of the talent show! The holiday fun will continue for the next few weeks while the children are on vacation from school.

At Kay Germaine the Christmas celebrations were held prior to Christmas Day because school has three weeks of Christmas vacation surrounding the holidays.  However, before vacation began we had several holiday parties to get everyone into the Christmas spirit!  Before school was out we had a Christmas party for our students and therapy patients.  There was tons of music, food and merriment to go around and the children had a great time!  Then a few days later we had the staff Christmas party with a secret Santa gift exchange, nice meal and the company of great friends!

Contributed by Denso Gay and Avriel Burlot
Communication Officer and Communication Specialist

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