Inauguration of Kay Gabriel

On October 4th, we inaugurated our newest building, Kay Gabriel. The inauguration happened in the presence of many friends and guests from around the world, including Italy, the U.S., Argentina and Germany. The morning began with a mass by Father Rick Frechette and Father Fitho Rendel. Following the mass was a beautiful program, which included a dance by students from Kay Germaine, several songs sung by an adult choir composed of adult therapy patients, and a blessing of the building. It was a joyous day and we were happy to share it with so many loved ones.

NPFS Haiti has been working with children with disabilities since 1993 in Kay Christine, located at St. Helen in Kenscoff. In 2004, the team decided to reach out to families of children with disabilities and from this outreach, Kay Germaine and Kay Eliane were born. After the earthquake in 2010, our services were in much higher demand due to the many children and adults who became paralyzed, amputee victims and handicapped because of the tragedy. Kay Germaine has been accepting adults for therapy since then, while continuing physical and occupational therapy with children. Kay Gabriel allows us to have more space to do even more therapies with patients from all over Haiti.

Attending the inauguration was family members of two miracle children, who inspired the name of the building, Kay Gabriel. Nicolas, a patient of Norma Lopez’s from Argentina, was in a horrible accident and was essentially pronounced dead until his family prayed to Father Gabriel Brochero and because of that, he not only lived but also is still alive today. His mother, grandmother and a family friend attended the inauguration with glowing spirits and extremely kind words that they expressed during the program. Also in attendance was Joanne, a miracle after the earthquake. After suffering severe brain injuries and being in a coma, the doctors had almost lost hope until Norma started working with her and praying to Father Gabriel Brochero and because of that, Joanne survived. She was actually the one who cut the ribbon at the blessing ceremony of Kay Gabriel and led the way as Father Rick blessed each individual room.

None of this would have been made possible without the dedication of Fondiazone Francesca Rava (NPH Italy), who found two donors to make this a reality; Cilla per Haiti and Foundation Lord Michelham of Hellingly. Cilla per Haiti was started to honor a young Italian woman, Cilla, who was working in Haiti when the earthquake ended her life. In her honor, family and friends wanted to support programs that are still helping people recover from this devastating travesty in Haiti. For the inauguration, Cilla’s parents and several cousins came and some spoke during the program to remember their daughter, cousin and friend. We cannot thank these people enough for their kindness and support.

After the program everyone enjoyed food and the company of others. We are so happy to see how Kay Gabriel can continue helping those in need and see our current patients improve. Thank you to everyone who made this possible, we would not be here without you.

Contributed by Denso Gay and Avriel Burlot
Communication Officer and Communication Specialist

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