Welcome Ryme and Jeannette*

Two special needs children are welcomed into the NPH family.

The newest members of the NPH Haiti family were welcomed to the St. Helene home’s Kay Christine or Christine House in Kenscoff, Haiti.  Beautiful six-year-old Jeannette was abandoned at the St. Damien Hospital approximately one year ago.  She suffers from several neurological disorders including epileptic seizures and is unable to speak or walk. Our handsome little Ryme came to us in February 2013.  At just three-years-old, he is currently unable to walk or talk and also suffers from convulsive seizures which have subsided due in part to proper medical care and lots of love and nurture.

Like Jeannette, Ryme too was abandoned in the St. Damien Emergency Room. Both children were severely malnourished and in critical condition. With specialized and continuous therapy, we have hope for their improved good health and future mobility. They now have a home to call their own with a large loving family.

Thankfully the process to bring these children into NPH was not very long and painful one.  First, the St. Damien Social Office contacted the Institut du Bien-Être Social et de Recherches “IBESR” Haïti or the Office of the Social Welfare and Research to file the paperwork. One document is an official declaration of abandonment and the second is a document requesting placement in our orphanage. The children are then given complete physical exams, which include blood tests, x-rays, eye/ear/nose/throat exams, and after these a physician’s letter for each child is drafted stating their medical status and diagnosis. They are then given the permission to release the children to the orphanage.  Finally, their hospital files are closed and new files opened in St. Helene.

Both of these little children have come a long way in their medical care and development from severe malnutrition to medical deficiencies thanks to a one of a kind staff of men and women whose primary concern is the well-being of all children. They are now permanent members of the NPH family and we are very happy to welcome them with open arms.

*Names changed for privacy.

Contributed by Peggy Parker, NPH Haiti Communication Officer

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