Olivier Dormerson

Oliver always had a smile on his face.

Oliver always had a smile on his face.

On April 6th, 2013, our adorable Olivier Dormerson gently left us to join Tifle and so many others in eternal life. On Friday he was smiling happily and enjoying life. On Saturday he was sleepy and tired though still responsive. And on Saturday evening he slipped away.

Olivier was born on May 5th, 2008 and came to NPH Haiti in August 2011. Despite having severe heart malformations Olivier enjoyed a very active life. He quickly settled into Kay Christine and within weeks he was the center of everyone’s attention. Olivier loved everyone and was happy to shower us with his cuddles, kisses and his love. For a small man he sure had a big, huge, store of love. Everyone felt special to be loved by Olivier. One of his great loves was to go from bed to bed at night time and kiss and cuddle everyone goodnight. He used to have Tifle in stitches of laughter as he poked and pulled at her before pulling up the blanket and snuggling down next to her. I can’t help thinking that the two of them are up there somewhere giggling away and free from the bodies that limited them on this earth and yet in no way prevented them from accomplishing their missions in life. We are devastated. I am on my way back from Ireland to join everyone else as we try and accept the loss that somehow seems too heavy to bear right now.


Oliver having fun.

I thank God for the gift that Olivier was to all of us in Kay Christine and NPH. In a short time Olivier touched so many lives. I thank God for his loving mother and siblings. This woman so loved her son that she entrusted him to us as she felt we could take better care of him. She came to see him regularly and indeed she spent the last day of his life with him. How wonderful and how fitting. She is a beautiful woman and it was so clear to us that she raised Olivier in a loving way. Our broken hearts are crushed. In two weeks we have lost two family members. There are no short cuts through grief.

May our precious little man enjoy the happiness of the next life. May we that miss him so much find the strength to keep going, and may we strive to be as loving, as giving and as happy as our little Olivier was.

Gena Heraty
Director, Special Needs Programs NPH Haiti


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