This morning at 2:10 am, our beloved Tifle Pierre Louis left us to go to her eternal life where we know she will giggle non stop!
 Tifle was very well until yesterday when she suddenly got sick and within 24 hours she died. Though she suffered yesterday, her death was very peaceful. She fell asleep and then in the presence of her family she slipped away.
 Tifle was 24-years-old and would have been 25 on Sept 15th.
 We are heartbroken in Kay Christine. Staff and kids alike are in shock and each one remembers all that Tifle was to us. Tifle has been in NPFS Haiti for over 22 years. All those years have been years of joy for Tifle and for her family. She had a very twisted body that limited her in so many ways. But her courage, her spirit and her love of life were a shining example for all of us. We were given a gift when Tifle came to the NPFS family. Now she goes to spread this joy elsewhere.

Gena Heraty, Director Special Needs Programs

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