Update on Olsen-Prayers Still Needed.


Olsen is sleeping peacefully. No vomting blood since yesterday evening and his breathing is more relaxed.

His CT scan shows he now has TWO abscesses – originally he had one. Prognosis is very bad! We take it one day at a time.

In the ward there are nine other children. Out of the ten of them, six appear to have brain damage – brought on by sickness. A distraught mother sings and prays over her little girl. Little Suzanne is not responsive. Her brain has been damaged by meningitis! I HATE meningitis -it ravages the kids here in Haiti. There are vaccinations against it BUT it’s too expensive for the majority of mothers in Haiti. So many of the kids coming for therapy were victims of meningitis. It was meningitis that destroyed most of Olsen’s brain when he was a baby. Suzanne’s mom has the desperate face of all loving mothers when faced with the reality that the child you had in your arms last week is gone forever- he or she will never return to this level of health again. Only a miracle will bring Suzanne back to health for her Mom. Her only child.

Each of us sitting with our precious charges are hoping for a miracle.  I have seen many miracles in Olsen’s life. I hope mama Suzanne gets to see many in hers. I walk around to keep the sleep from my eyes and it is unnaturally quiet here in the hospital. No death tonight so far and his means no heart wrenching screams from the grieving mothers. So many of these kids would not be here if our world was a fair one and if the basic resources needed to survive and thrive were available to all.

I kiss my little boy and give thanks that he is not suffering now. I give thanks that NPH (the organization I work for) because thanks to them, Olsen is having the best of care. I give thanks that I am not a grieving mom this morning. I give thanks for all the people surrounding Olsen (and I) with love and kindness. I give thanks for all of you that are on this journey with us and Olsen. It means a lot to know so many of you care and are praying.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the earthquake. Three years! Whenever I think of that night I immediately think of all the kids that died that night in the courtyard of our hospital. They were in the hospital when the quake struck and they were moved out in case the building fell. The horrors of the wounded that were streaming in combined with the staff shortage meant that many of them did not survive that night. It was tragic.

Hope you all will have a good day. Hope we will also.


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