Our Miracle, Joanne


Meet Joanne. Isn’t she beautiful? Some of you will remember me writing about her before as she was one of our patients after the earthquake. See how she was back then and who would have ever imagined that she could be so well today!

Well we imagined it – we being her mom, grandmother, Norma and myself.


Here she is with her wonderful mom Manouchka. This mother is the reason Joanne is so well today as she has never given up on her and she is so proud of her little girl.

Joanne came to visit us in Kay Christine two weeks ago and we were all delighted to see her. Very quickly the kids filed in to see her and she was able to talk with us and she has a good sense of humor too. Her speech is not all that clear but she understands everything and is able to communicate what she wants. When we were all sitting there in the therapy room I felt so happy and so proud, because we had promised Mama Joanne that we would be with them every step of the way and we were able to keep our promise (thanks to support from very generous people). Not only that but the kids from Kay Christine were so kind and loving to Joanne and made her feel very, very welcome in our home. It really was beautiful to watch them reacting with her and she responding to them.

Christmas is almost here. Rose Therlie has been counting down since January! I kid you not. Now that the time has changed and it is dark in the evening she has figured out that it must be a lot closer so each day. I hear her talking to the other kids and deciding that she will again dress us as Santa Claus. Yesterday evening was a bit different as she told me that she and Fabienne would dress up. After that she started singing the Christmas carols and I of course love this so I encouraged them all to join in. Twas very nice. I don’t care that it is early November. December will be so busy I won’t get half enough time to sit and sing with them so heck, I am fine if we start early!


I leave you now with a picture of Shakiro – our chicken that has now grown up very fast. He was the center of attention in the house for a few months when he was tiny and everyone took great care of him. Yvonne was forever picking him up.

Even though he has moved out of the house, he is still under the watchful care of the staff – especially the laundry ladies. I find it very amusing to see him eating with them and them chatting away to him. Years ago the staff laughed at me because I was always talking to our cat – for they do not chat to animals. Well that has all changed now! Shakiro is part of the family and everyone has a chat with him. We were thinking he might be a she there for awhile so we were calling “her” Shakiro, but now she has become Shakiro.

Best wishes to you all!


One thought on “Our Miracle, Joanne

  1. Congratulations for Shakiro!!
    Me too I was chatting with her/him
    I am very happy to follow you, each day on this blog. Love. Caterina

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